Q:  I don’t see prices!  How much do you charge?
A:  It depends on the experience.  We consider the number of participants, the length of the visit, if customization is required, lots of things go into the price!

Q:  Can my 4 year old play?
A:  Decidedly not, and for lots of good reasons.  3-D screens are not a good idea for children 13 and under and these rigs are as expensive as a small used car.  We set 14 years of age as our lower limit.

Q:  Our company has 40 employees, can all 40 of us play at once?
A:  Not yet.  In the meantime, we do brackets and let those not playing cheer for those who are.

Q:  What kind of space do I need to have for this?
A:  The minimum space for an experience with 2 players is simply the amount of room that 2 people with backpacks can safely and comfortably stand near each other while waving their arms.  We like an absolute minimum of about 8 feet by 10 feet for play and a nearby clear area with power where we can store the crates and charge batteries.  There needs to be some distinctiveness to the area that does not change.  The location systems work best with high contrast angles in view, for example art on the walls or white woodwork trim on a contrasting wall color.   The area needs to be well lit.

Q:  How much non-play time do we need to set aside for set-up?
A:  Depending upon the location and preparation for our visit, the boundaries of the experience can be set up for each backpack in minutes per backpack.  For most experiences, allow an hour for us to get our act together on the front end and a half an hour to pack up at the end.  Troublesome play areas can require more setup time.

Q:  How do we book our adventure?
A:  Send us an email by clicking customer_service@CyberscapeVR.com and telling us about your idea of a perfect experience.  We do everything by email so that we have everything in writing for easy reference and we can be sure that no balls are dropped.  It helps us, it helps you.  Drop us a note today!